With the stunningly delicate design, we are confident that Sorin Boutique Hotel will impress you at the first glance! Sorin Boutique Hotel is a four-story hotel with each of the three residentialfloors represents different identity of Surin: the aesthetic silk the ancient castles, and the world-renowned Jasmine rice.

On a Vacation?

There are numerous things to do in Surin. With approximately 10 kilometers from the hotel, you can visit Tha Sawang Village, where the famous Surin silk is wholeheartedly crafted. Or you can drive to the one and only Elephant Village in the world located 50 kilometers away.

On a Business Trip?

We have business accommodations, including a modern, medium-size conference room and a well-equipped business room, at your command. Want to Stay Entertained? We’ve got you! With our flat-screen TV that has over 10 foreign channels and 20 Thai channels, you can connect to the World while resting on your comfortable bed!

At Sorin Boutique Hotel, we strive for your utmost gratification, to serve you with all our hearts, and to make your stay the most enjoyable trip you have ever had. We Welcome You to Sorin Boutique Hotel - The Luxurious Living Space of the Intrinsic Surin!